A Funny Thing Happened in 2015…

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Annabella Charles Photography

A funny thing happened when I took on everything at once: photo shoots, articles, weddings, graduating college, and farming over and acre of flowers in one year. It turns out you can do and have it all, but something may have to be put on pause. That something, was my blogging; which until 2015 was steady as a seasoned sailor’s boat.

Annabella Charles Photography

This post feels a bit new; a first chute, an unfurled leaf, testing the air above ground. Here we are at the beginning of 2016. I say “the beginning” in February because I honestly live better on the Chinese New Year calendar than I ever have fared on the January 1st New Year method. The entire month of January is best suited for regrouping as well as staying indoors a little bit more in our minds and in our physical homes. It is a good time for cleaning, restructuring, paperwork, and planning.

 Deepening the Roots:

January heals my body and my heart as I de-clutter the home and defragment the soul. This sentiment is shared especially among friends and fellow farmers as we transform the past lessons, (the highlights to the downright scary events), into future plans for success and growth. Seasonal careers are like that for many people and it’s a passion and privilege to work hard when nature does, and grow deeper roots when the surface remains still.

In the past, I worked in a more quarterly-based, corporate calendar environment. It was difficult to enjoy December’s celebrations when I knew January 1st was right around the corner. New Year parties and holidays usually brought with them questions of new resolutions that I wasn’t ready to answer. I wanted a moment to pause, to reflect, and to tidy up last year’s remnants!

Now I notice that the more I harmonize my life with the outside world, the better I make use of January as a whole. The feelings of starting every calendar year “behind”, have now shifted to anticipation and excitement. I look forward to the first month of the year for renewal of my path, goals, and overall direction. This builds confidence to proceed at a faster pace than my former days of pushing ahead too soon and planning “as I go”. A lot of mental and physical energy is required to remember, learn from, and store the highlights of 365 days worth of living. It is ok to move at a slower pace for a little while.

Annabella Charles Photography

A Look Back at Last Year’s Milestones:

Experience, learning, preparation, mindfulness, and being surrounded by trustworthy people –  These were last year’s huge personal goals and tackling them has moved mountains! I dove into learning larger scale flower farming, creating better routines in business, and developing trusting relationships.

In 2015 , noteworthy highlights included being named as a top flower designer in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, a four page education article in Flower magazine, and developing a brand name of local flowers sold in the heart of my city. I also finished a college degree and closed a business chapter in events and weddings, to more fully pursue teaching and farming. 2015 was wild, and I worked hard to also spend as much quality time possible with my dearest family and friends. I studied and embraced the power of a better life through nature. My family and I began living in tandem with nature. We chipped away at dependency on packaged items and the plastic, breaking the old habits when possible. It was the beginning of a long and worthy process that still continues.

These experiences and many others, have brought a new perspective that has changed my life in the best ways. I wish for everyone, the very same clarity, elevation, and openness. Whether the start of an evolution or propellant to continue one, I look forward to posing new and interesting questions, finding amazing facts to share, and sharing visuals from a life with flowers. It is through this window into our world, that my family and I aim to inspire positive changes in the lives of others.

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Left: Flower Magazine October 2015 Cover. Right: Feature Article Photo by Annabella Charles Photography

Now We Have Arrived:

After a long and snowy January, we are here. February 8 is the beginning of the Lunar New Year and I am ready! Are you ready? The seeds are sprouting, the cool flowers are greening, the earth is holding on to a few more winter weeks and then … what happens next depends on what we are all willing to put into ourselves, our inner circles, our community, and our businesses.

2016 Projections:

It is a thrill to announce that 2016 looks to be a bountiful year at the farm, in both a spiritual nature and in flower production! As I type this post there are cold hardy flowers in the ground, bulbs sprouting, seedlings in trays, and spreadsheets full of plans for the millions of seeds I have collected over the fall and winter.

Our plans include the usual hard work but with more mindful pauses, so we can truly offer a wider view to our world. I will be filling this blog with as many useful and entertaining posts possible: Flowers, Fun, Farming, Friends. All the while my family and I are on our own journey. It’s a lifetime of practice as we strive to move both forward in progress and backward in method; rediscovering the simple ways of living fully, naturally, and happily, on Earth. We would like to truly thank you for your time spent here. It is our pleasure to share the magic of flowers with you!


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