Photo Credit: Annabella Charles Photography

Photo Credit: Annabella Charles Photography

Welcome to the new hub of all that happens in the weekly life of a farmer-florist and editorial floral designer. I am the heart of creativity for editorials and events through Haute Horticulture and now Seventh Hand Farm. My name is Karin Woodward and no matter how many other art mediums I work with, I always find my way to flowers. Although not easy work at times, flowers and the life built around them is well worth the investment my family and I put into it. We celebrate the wonder of how our connection with growing our products on this land brings us closer to nature and believe in mindful farming.

I welcome you and look forward to sharing my personal perspective on this part of  life through From Field and Wood. This blog was named after one of my favorite lithographs by Auguste Schmidt in 1861. The name is an apt description of the materials and photographs that will come from the land and trees we are farming for 2015 and beyond. It is my privilege to bring you my stories from field and wood.






2 thoughts on “BIOGRAPHY

  1. Carolyn Thompson

    I am so happy to have discovered your blog. I too am about to take the first steps to become a farmer florist…..they will be tiny steps as I can not leave my day job yet but if you have a dream chase it & that it what I plan to do. I live in Washington State & loved that you went to Floret Farms – I’m hoping to attend one of Erin’s workshops either this year or next. Good luck in your adventure, I look forward to following your footsteps. x

  2. Karen

    I am enjoying your blog concerning your farming adventures in West Tennessee. I am just beginning to embark on my own floral farm journey here in Middle Tennessee. You are way ahead of me since we just bought the farm in November. Do you offer workshops/classes/tours?
    Thank you!

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